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N.E.W.Comm Net Projects!

Iron Mountain 600 Mobile Relay Project:

Starting in March of 2012 the North East Wisconsin Communications Network will be aligning it's 575 repeater with LAG (Lakes Area GMRS Repeater Group) but on a new frequency pairing. The reasoning for the frequency change is this system is being implemented into an existing system on the GMRS 600 channel pairing that is Semi-State Wide at this time with hopes that in the not to distant future this system will be linked so that any number of these systems can be triggered across the state as needed for Emergencies or as an Emergency Network able to link and unlink as many systems as needed in only the locations they are needed in and can be returned to a standalone system at any time.. The repeater is scheduled to be back up and active on the Michigan side of the boarder sometime in Mid - Late June on it's new frequency of 426.600MHz. The Iron Mountain 600 system will but upgraded from a 40 watt output to a 50 watt output system using a Tram 6.5 dbi gain Base/Repeater antenna to make up for line loss giving the system an ERP of about 48 watts out at antenna. The antenna will be mounted approximately 90 feet HAAT.

Affiliate Projects!

Wisconsin Statewide Mobile Relay Project:

N.E.W.Comm Net is working with The LAG Group on establishing a State Wide Emergency Communications Network in Wisconsin. At this time LAG has a semi-State Wide Network of GMRS repeaters on 462.600 MHz with the edition of N.E.W.Comm Net's new 462.600 MHz repeater going up in Michigan the coverage of this network will be from about Sagola, MI to the WI, IL state line with only a few dead spots along the way. This network will be setup so you do not have to change channels or reprogram your radio when moving from site to site. This network will be a linked system so as any number of repeaters in the network can be brought up and dropped out of the linked system during an emergency as need. All repeaters will still remain standalone repeaters until the time is needed to link them together in a wide area network. N.E.W.Comm Net and LAG are experimenting at this time with linking both wireless and with RoIP.