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Wilderness Protocol!


The purpose of this operating system is to offer stations that are in the wilds or in areas that are not near repeater stations a chance to be heard when it is needed the most!


The Wilderness Protocol is a system setup for those outside of repeater range and should be monitored on standard simplex channels at specific times in case others have Emergency or Priority calls.

The primary frequency monitored is 462.5625 MHz with 27.065, 151.820, 462.675 and 154.570 MHz serving as secondary frequencies. This system was conceived to allow communications between people that are hiking or backpacking in uninhabited areas, outside of repeater range for Armature Radio and has been adopted and modified by N.E.W.Comm Net for the Part 95 Personal Radio Service.

        NOTE- This is NOT just for hikers, back packers, or similar can (and should) be used by ANYONE at ANYTIME...that you need assistance.

The Wilderness Protocol recommends that those stations able to do so should monitor the primary (and secondary, if possible) frequency every three hours starting at 7 AM, local time, for 5 minutes (7:00-7:05 AM, 10:00-10:05 AM, ..., 10:00-10:05 PM). Additionally, those stations that have sufficient power resources should monitor for 5 minutes starting at the top of every hour, or even continuously.

Recommended Use of "Wilderness Protocol"

Monitor the PRIMARY- 462.5625 and any or all of the SECONDARY FREQUENCIES.(27.065, 151.820, 462.675 and 154.570) MONITOR TIMING- Every 3 hours from 0700 HRS ..from the hour until 5 (five) minutes past the hour.(7:00-7:05 AM, 10:00-10:05 AM, ..., 10:00-10:05 PM). ALTERNATE TIMING- 0655 to 0705, Etc 5 before til 5 after..(watch may be incorrect) ENHANCED MONITORING- Fixed stations or portable stations with enough battery power levels LISTEN EVERY HOUR. (Obviously Continuous Monitoring is also an option.) SCANNING MONITOR- Consider entering- 462.5625 MHz, 27.065, 151.820, 462.675, 154.570 MHz in to your scanner radio, or extended scanning monitor radio. Bring this "Wilderness Protocol" up at City/Town Hall and County board meetings. NOTE- 462.5625 IS A CALLING FREQUENCY.... Make your Calls, and then move off the frequency so others can use the frequency. Suggested frequencies to move to; 462.6375, 462.6625, etc. PRIORITY TONE SIGNALS-Suggested Priority Radio Transmissions ONLY after 4 minutes after the hour. USE the LONG TONE ZERO (on Touch Tone capable radios) Begin calls for assistance with 10 or more seconds of TONE with the LiTZ signal. ( LONG TONE ZERO )- This timing would help those in trouble not be covered up by the tone itself. MORE LITZ SIGNAL INFORMATION

These are CALLING FREQUENCIES, and the CALLING should only start at 4 minutes after the hour preceded by listing for 30 seconds...LISTEN FIRST- CALL CQ with short transmissions, then carefully listen. LISTEN FIRST! always a good idea! NOTE: Many mobile, fixed station and commercial grade hand-held radios have LiTZ features built in.

 LiTZ signals, much like the EMERGENCY LANDING BEACONS FOR AIRCRAFT (ELT) are monitored by some GMRS Repeater Stations. GPS encoded signals for MARINE VHF DISTRESS and other technologies are saving lives world-wide.

Some consumer products that arrived on US market in 2004 and beyond, use cellular telephone technology, and special satellite relayed technologies to summon help for individuals and vehicle emergencies.(Cellular Telephone equipment and other commercial satellite systems are usually not present, appropriate or practical for the scope of the technology/procedures in this article.)