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Help N.E.W.Comm Net Today!

North East Wisconsin Communications Network  is a collaboration of private individuals who all have a same common goal in mind of providing a network of GMRS, MURS, CBRS, iDEN, ISM 900MHz band and ISM 2.4GHz band communications systems to family's as well as providing an emergency back-up radio system. All Systems whether GMRS, MURS, CB, iDEN, ISM or other, are all privately owned and are not owned by N.E.W.Comm Net.. N.E.W.Comm Net is made up of a group of private system owners to bring together a larger network of users and for coordinating systems for best coverage and availability to others. We do not claim to be an organization or business by any means but do accept donations on behalf of the private individuals or as a network wide donation. Any donations will need to be specified as to what system the donator would like to donate to, any system wide donations will be applied to systems needing upgrades or possibly used to place new systems into the network.


We are not a 501c3 Organization, there for any donations made to NEWCOMM are NOT tax deductible.